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Lessons & Seeds


  • What do you do at do at Seeds camps?

    Our camps typically will start with a group warm-up and team building activity and then players will be broken into smaller groups for instructional training. Each day we will focus on teaching the fundamentals in the morning. Players will then have lunch and we will play instructional games and have fun competitions during the afternoon.

  • Who are the coaches at Seeds camps?

    Coaches are comprised of our SFBA instructors along with some high school, college baseball, and professional players who have trained in our program and are looking to teach players in their community.

  • What happens if it rains?

    We do our best to monitor the weather and plan accordingly. If we see a day with lots of rain in the forecast we will usually bring camp inside of our facility.

  • What dates are the camp dates?

    Session 1 : June 13 - June 17 June 20 - June 24 June 27 - July 1 Session 2 : July 11 - July 15 July 18- July 22 July 25 - July 29 Session 3 : August 1 - August 5 (Truckee, CA) August 15- August 19 August 22 - August 26

  • Do we have to attend all camp dates?

    No! We offer flexible pricing and scheduling for all. You can choose to sign up for 1, 2, or 5 days for whichever session dates work for you.

  • What do players wear to Seeds camp?

    Comfortable athletic clothing and shoe wear is recommended, cleats are only allowed outdoors. We do suggest hats as players will be outside for a portion of the day.

  • Do players have to bring their own lunch?

    For all camps, players provide their own lunch unless otherwise noted.

  • What equipment do I need?

    Players should bring their bats and gloves and make sure that all items have their name or initials on them. We will have extra bats and gloves available for those players who do not have their own.

  • How does drop off and pickup work?

    Parents can drop players off 15 minutes before camp and should check in with a coach upon arrival. We would ask that all players are picked up within 15 minutes of the end of camp.